The Ultimate Guide To Getting Sponsored in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

How To Get Sponsored in BJJBrazilian jiu-jitsu is a tough sport that requires a lot of dedication and focus. While it comes with it’s own rewards, actual prizes are few and far between.

Imagine training for weeks and even months for a big competition, spending a ton of money on gym dues, supplements, clinic costs, travel and tournament entry fees.

Now imagine getting all of those taken care of by generous sponsors and being able to focus 100% on nothing but your training.

Sounds good right?

How To Realize Your Dreams and Get Sponsored

From free gear to financial support and much more, our 160+ page eBook will change your jiu-jitsu career forever.

And here’s the amazing thing – you don’t even need to be a competitor to get sponsored!

Hobbyists, bloggers and people who love the sport have just as good a chance at getting sponsored as a full-time athlete or academy owner.

You see, it’s not about the titles you’ve won or the color of your belt. Getting sponsored in BJJ relies more on identifying opportunities, developing relationships and demonstrating value.

What Getting Sponsored Means: Free Stuff & Financial Support

When you learn how to identify and approach companies, formulate professional-looking proposals and create important relationships with key figures, you’ll go from a struggling wannabe to a fully-fledged sponsored grappler.

Jiu-jitsu legend Wallid Ismail, pioneer of BJJ sponsorship

Learn from the example of jiu-jitsu legends such as Wallid Ismail, a pioneer of BJJ sponsorship

Free gis. Free clothing. Free supplements. Tournament fees paid for. And that’s not all.

By getting sponsored, you will:
✔︎ Save money
✔︎ Focus 100% on your training
✔︎ Enjoy better exposure in the media
✔︎ and enjoy countless other benefits…

We Tell You Exactly What To Do and How To Do It

If getting sponsorship in BJJ seems difficult, don’t worry – everything is made clear in our guide.

This comprehensive eBook will guide you through the entire process of getting sponsored, including:

• How to make yourself as marketable as possible
• Identifying the best potential sponsors who will provide you with everything you need
• How to use black belt email jiu-jitsu tactics to win sponsors’ confidence
• Impressing your sponsors by maximising exposure to their potential customer base



Get Sponsored and Get All The Support You Need

There’s no limit to what you can get as a sponsored athlete. Free BJJ gis, training gear and supplements are the minimum of what you can expect.

By following our proven methods for success you can even have sponsors pay for you to fly around the world to train and compete, you’ll see your face in magazines, and much more.


What’s Inside The Book?

You’ll find a ton of great info including how to use your existing social media to convince sponsors to back you, the surefire method of persuading people to give you money for training and competing, and much more.

ALSO you’ll hear directly from brands such as Shoyoroll, Q5 supplements and Meerkatsu about what they look for in a sponsored athletes.

And we’ve included interviews with NINE sponsored grapplers from blue to black belt where they share their stories of success and advice for getting sponsored.


FREE Extras Include:

Email templates for contacting prospective sponsors
Sample contracts you can use when negotiating deals with your sponsor
An extensive database of contact details for over 160+ BJJ brands



Read What People Have Been Saying


“The entire book is very strategic in how to get a sponsorship and goes into great depth about the entire process. Everything you need to know, is in this book. [A] fantastic eBook that’s easy to read and very useful. Price is perfect for all of the information you’re receiving.”
(5 star rating)



“[The eBook] looks at networking, the business side of sponsorship and learning to market yourself to meet short and long term goals. This comes highly recommended from me if you are serious of your training and living the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.”
– Tony Pacenski,
2nd deg black belt
Carlson Gracie/BJJ Revolution Team



“I received my purple belt and began to have some competition success but I didn’t think that sponsorship was really a possibility, I just assumed it was for the highest level of competitors. But after reading BJJ Hacks’ guide to sponsorship, I decided to put myself out there and email some companies. The first kimono company I emailed that same afternoon were able to hook me up! Awesome work on the part of BJJ Hacks.”
– Andrew Morris
Purple belt Sao Paulo International Open no-gi champion



“Few sponsorship articles or publications cover the depth and detail needed in order to understand the process from both sides. Hywel has achieved this aim here in this book which will guide the prospective BJJ student in all that is needed to, if not gain an actual sponsorship, then at the very least, acquire useful framework to build on for a time in the future where he or she feels sponsorship would be a useful goal to attain.”
– Seymour Yang



“[The] Ebook is a necessity for anyone looking for a step by step, applicable guide for all BJJ athletes, regardless of level, interested in securing sponsorship to take your game to the next level. It reads like a conversation we’ve all had with the black belts after training, stretching and asking questions. The advice is given with humility, but with obvious experience in helping BJJ athletes earn sponsorship.”



About the Author

hywel_teagueAuthor Hywel Teague, the driving force behind jiu-jitsu video makers BJJ Hacks, knows a thing or two about getting sponsorship. He’s not even a competitor, yet he counts three top brands as his own personal sponsors with even more helping him out along the way with everything from free gear to supplements and even travel expenses.

For the first time Hywel is sharing the knowledge and experience he’s built up by working in the combat sports industry for over 10 years, information that will lead to you getting everything from free jiu-jitsu gis to your tournament entry fees paid for.

This book has been proven to work! People have secured sponsorship deals within 24 hours of reading it just by applying the knowledge within.

From white belt to black belt, everyone can learn something from this book.