Make money on your website or social media by joining our affiliate program. We offer a generous 50% share of any transaction made when a customer purchases a copy of the eBook using your referral link.

You can choose to embed ‘buy now’ buttons on your site, host a banner, or simply use a referral link that will send people to our site.

You will need to create an account with Paypal to receive your commission and an account with e-Junkie, who handles our transactions and logs all payments. Click here to join e-Junkie and set up your affiliate account.

When a buyer clicks on your unique referral link he will be directed through to our home page. A cookie will be created that will last for 6 months, so even if he doesn’t buy straight away but returns within the following 6 months you will still get commission on the sale.

Payments for affiliate sales will be made during the first week of every month via Paypal. Using the e-Junkie platform you will be able to track how many sales and how much money you make during each month.

Terms and conditions:
Commissions will only be paid for genuine sales. We reserve the right to disqualify suspicious transactions.

How to Use the Referral Links

Affiliate links can be posted in the following manners
• Text on websites
• Clickable images / banners
• Links on social media

To get your referral code follow these instructions.

1: Go to your e-Junkie account and click ‘Manage Affiliate Account’

2: Click ‘Get Affiliate Code’


3: On the next screen, ensure BJJ Hacks is selected in the drop-down menu and click ‘Get Affiliate Code’


4: You will see a box with some HTML code. We DO NOT recommend you use this standard HTML code. Instead, select the url we’ve highlighted (known as a hop link) in the image below (your unique hop link will identify you when people click through to our site, resulting in referred sales and your commission).


5: Save your unique referral link in a text document for easy copy and pasting at a later time.

6: For custom banners or images, use your referral URL as the target link when embedding the images on your site.

7: For direct clickable links (such as social media posts) we suggest using a URL shortener such as to both shorten and ‘mask’ the referral link.

Banners and images

You can choose from the following banners or you can create your own. Contact us at for psd files of logos / text etc or for custom-sized banners.

Click on the images for full-size.

Vertical banner: 150w x 300h

Square: 250 x 250

Horizontal banner: 600w x 110h