The Best Way to Get EXACTLY What You Want From A BJJ Sponsor

This is an extract from the 160+ page eBook “The Ultimate Guide To Getting Sponsorship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”

A BJJ brand has expressed an interest in backing you – now you need to negotiate what the terms of your sponsorship will be! But how do you ensure you get exactly what you want (and need) out of the deal?

All of that will depend on what type of prospective sponsor you’re dealing with, and most importantly HOW you deal with them.


Sponsorship brings many benefits, but do you know how to get what you want?

Common Types of Support Sponsors Offer

Fees and expenses to train and compete paid for.

Kimonos, rashguards and shorts in which to train and compete.

To operate at peak performance you need to get the right fuel.

Your wardrobe consists solely of tournament competitor tees and winter is coming. Some warm clothing would be nice.

People are starting to know your name but you need a push so they really start talking about you.

Injuries are a fact of life in BJJ and therapist bills can cripple you faster than an illegal knee reap

Less common are cash bonuses for podium finishes (usually only provided by bigger companies for brown and black belts).

Some sponsors may even give you an affiliate link to their site that gives you a kickback for sales made via referred traffic. Similarly, you may receive commission on physical sales should you act as a vendor in your gym.

How To Ask For The Support You Need

Everything needs to be both quantified and justified. Specify exactly what you need, why you need it, what you’re going to do with it, and how it’s going to benefit the sponsor. Requesting “a couple of t-shirts to pimp your brand” isn’t good enough. You need to demonstrate what return the sponsor will be getting for their investment, even if its a small outlay on their part.

For example: “For the upcoming Jiu-Jitsu Quest tournament I’m going to need a new competition kimono. I’m a size A3 and prefer something light to make weight. I normally keep 2-3 kimonos in rotation for my day-to-day training, and they’re a mix of various brands and are all pretty old and need to be replaced.

“I film all my matches and put them on Facebook and YouTube [250 subscribers, link to channel] and also release video blogs running up to the competitions I enter. I take pictures daily and upload them to Facebook and Instagram with a reach of 2000 friends and 350 followers. All the posts will be hashtagged with your brand.”

In the above message you’ve stated what you need, why you need it and most importantly how it helps their brand.

Remember, this applies to any request for sponsorship. Always detail:
• WHAT you need
• WHY you need it
• HOW it helps them


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